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Are You Selling to Yourself? Mastering the Art of Miscommunication

Ever had a friend sell you on something you didn’t need? Let me tell you about my friend Trevor. Last week, Trevor decided I needed a Humax box – you know, one of those gadgets that magically transforms your TV into a “Smart TV.” Don’t worry, I had no clue what that meant either.

Rule #1: Sell When the Buyer is Three Pints In

Trevor picked the perfect moment to pounce. We were three pints deep into a bike ride when we stumbled upon Richer Sounds. He was on a mission, convinced that this box would revolutionise my viewing experience. The guy in the shop demonstrated the picture quality with and without the box. Honestly, I saw no difference. But hey, under Trevor’s relentless enthusiasm and a slight beer buzz, I left with a shiny new box.

Rule #2: Oversell Features, Forget the Benefits

Back home, Trevor hooked up the Humax box, beaming about the improved picture quality. He looked at me expectantly – hadn’t it improved? I squinted at the screen. Nope, still couldn’t see much difference. In my mind, I was already planning to return it.

Rule #3: Discover the Benefits After the Fact

After Trevor left me alone with my new gadget, I started fiddling with it. That’s when I discovered it could record programmes. Now, this was useful. With my erratic schedule, I always miss episodes of my favourite series. If Trevor had mentioned this feature, I would have bought the box without hesitation.

The Real Lesson Here

Trevor isn’t a professional salesman; he genuinely thought I’d value the improved picture quality. But here’s the kicker: as sales professionals, how often do we focus on the features we love instead of the benefits our prospects care about? Are we too busy selling to ourselves?

Next Steps: Aligning Your Pitch with Their Needs

My approach cuts to the root of performance issues. I won’t bombard your team with new techniques; instead, I’ll identify what’s holding them back. Each person will develop their own system to meet the business’s needs. When people create their own solutions, they take ownership and drive their performance.

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