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Back to the basics

This week, I was working with a small business that provides services to golf courses. We were working on framing up their sales proposition to be more effective as they have very ambitious growth targets for the next three years. One of the areas we worked on was to think about their competitors. When identifying competitors, business owners tend to focus only on companies that provide a similar product or service to the same target sector. They base their sales pitch and presentation based on how they compare with each one.


However, in my experience, most businesses have three much more powerful competitors that they need to address before thinking about other companies. These three competitors, from the prospect’s perspective, are:

  • I’ll do nothing
  • I’ll do it myself
  • I’ll do it later

After a stimulating discussion, we came up with very powerful arguments to overcome these three alternatives. As you can imagine, we focused on the cost of their prospects doing nothing, their expertise and the dangers of putting off action until later.

Then we could focus on why to choose them over the competitors they had identified. Frankly, this was the easy bit.

Always worth going back to the basics once in a while.




Here at Your Business Mindset, we focus on getting to the source of any performance issues. It’s unlikely that we’ll teach your people new techniques. We’ll uncover what is holding them back and then each individual will come up with their own system to achieve what the business needs. When people come up with their own solution, they drive their own performance.

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