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One of the keys to an effective business mindset

Have you ever had the experience of going against your “gut feel” and things not turning out well? I can still remember recruiting someone when I worked for a Corporate. On paper he looked perfect. Impeccable qualifications, excellent references from his tutors at University. During his interview, I had this small voice telling me he was not the man for the job. But my logical thinking said he was.

I ignored my intuition and recruited him.

He was completely wrong for the job, very nearly caused an incident and we had to let him go.

You may have had that experience.

Or, the reverse, trusting your gut, not really knowing why and things turned out great.

One key to an effective business mindset is knowing that your intuition is 100% correct, 100% of the time.

One of the challenges to taking advantage of this key is that a busy mind drowns out your intuition. Why do people say they have their best ideas in the shower, or when they’re driving to work or playing with their kids? It’s because in those states, their mind, their thinking has calmed down and they can hear the insights their intuition is giving them.

A story that comes to mind is that of a keen student from the US who has travelled to India to seek out a world-renowned guru with the aim of seeking enlightenment. The story goes that he approached the Guru, stating his intent to achieve enlightenment, and asked how long it would take. The Guru reflected on his question and replied:

“Around 5 years”.

The seeker was alarmed at this response and said “No. You don’t understand. I plan to work harder than any student you have ever taught. I will work longer hours and put in more effort than you can imagine”.

The Guru fell silent for a few minutes and then replied “Ah. I had underestimated just how passionately you want enlightenment. In that case, it will probably take nearer 20 years…”

One of the vital elements in working with business owners is helping them to understand this. I have lost count of the number of business leaders who have a really creative idea regarding how to take their business to the next level…and then think it away…using phrases including “no-one else is doing this right now…if it was such a great idea, someone else would have thought of it…it’s not logical…insert your own sabotaging phrase of choice…”

This is such a waste.

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Here at Your Business Mindset we focus on getting to the source of any performance issues. It’s unlikely that we’ll teach your people new techniques. We’ll uncover what is holding them back and then each individual will come up with their own system to achieve what the business needs. When people come up with their own solution, they drive their own performance.

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