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Projects and assignments

We often find that the process of getting to know your business leads to other projects and assignments

Selling the benefits not your process

This project was an interesting example of someone selling a process rather than selling the benefits of his work to his end-user clients. He provided a great service to schools, running days where students participated in making things from clay. He had many great testimonials from previous clients and seemed to be doing a great job.
However his recent marketing campaign had been completely unsuccessful in securing new leads and he wanted to understand why.


The root cause is rarely what you think

This was an interesting project, not least because we worked in San Francisco when the weather in the UK was truly awful. This assignment involved a sales team of a large software company. The business problem they faced was that they were experiencing a turnover of 55% per year with their younger sales associates. This was a major issue as associates typically took three months to train on their product suite and left before they had made a sale.


Be open to what lies beneath the problem

This organisation was turning over around £45M selling products into schools. It is an established company with a well-regarded range of products that schools need and buy on a regular basis. The Chief Exec and Sales Director felt that the average order value achieved by their field sales team was too low and could be improved. Following a consulting/coaching approach, we helped each sales rep to double their average sales order value.


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