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The Key to an Effective Business Mindset: Trusting Your Gut

Ever go against your gut feeling and watch things unravel? I certainly have. I remember recruiting someone at a corporate job. On paper, he was perfect—impeccable qualifications, glowing references. But during the interview, a small voice told me he wasn’t the right fit. My logical brain overruled that voice.

I hired him. As it turned out, he was assigned to my department for his initial couple of years with the company. He turned out to be a disaster, nearly caused a major incident, and we had to let him go.

Sound familiar? Or maybe you’ve had the opposite experience—trusting your gut without knowing why, and everything worked out splendidly.

Rule #1: Your Intuition is Always Right

One key to an effective business mindset is recognising that your intuition is 100% correct, 100% of the time. The challenge? A busy mind drowns out your intuition. Why do we get our best ideas in the shower, while driving, or playing with our kids? Because in those moments, our mind calms down, allowing us to hear our intuitive insights.

Rule #2: Calm Your Mind to Hear Your Intuition

Consider the story of the eager student who traveled from the US to India seeking enlightenment from a renowned guru. When he asked how long it would take, the guru said, “Around five years.”

The student said the guru didn’t understand, he would work longer hours and put in more effort than any of his previous students to achieve enlightenment faster. The guru replied, “In that case, it will probably take nearer 20 years.”

Rule #3: Don’t Overthink Your Creativity

In my work with business owners, I’ve lost count of the leaders who’ve had brilliant ideas to elevate their businesses—only to overthink them away. “No one else is doing this… If it were such a great idea, someone else would have thought of it… It’s not logical…” Sound familiar? This kind of thinking is a creativity killer.

The Real Lesson Here

Trust your intuition. It’s your best guide, but you have to quiet your mind to hear it. Don’t let overthinking sabotage your creative ideas.

Next Steps: Unleashing Your Team’s Intuition

At Your Business Mindset, we focus on uncovering the root of performance issues. We won’t bombard your team with new techniques; instead, we’ll identify what’s holding them back. Each person will then create their own system to meet the business’s needs. When people devise their own solutions, they drive their own performance.

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