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Your Business Mindset

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Think a coach can’t help you? Think again!

Are you recognising that one (or more) of your employees could use some targeted support and challenges to develop further and contribute more effectively to your business? Maybe you’re considering promoting them to a more senior role, or perhaps they just need to improve in a couple of key areas to maximise their contribution.

With so many urgent and conflicting demands on your time, you know you can’t provide the structured attention this requires. Plus, you see the value in bringing in someone experienced in diverse business situations who can offer an external perspective.

Why You Need an Experienced Coach

You need someone skilled in helping individuals overcome a wide range of performance challenges, ensuring the best chance of success for your employee.

Getting to the Root of the Issue

Often, the real challenge isn’t immediately obvious and requires some probing to uncover. I take pride in pinpointing the underlying issues and supporting clients to overcome them.

Think of it like driving down the motorway and wanting to increase your speed. You could press the accelerator, but that might just stress the engine and transmission.

…Or you could release the handbrake.

That’s a great analogy for my coaching approach. We’re looking for the equivalent of the handbrake. For instance, if someone struggles with time management, no amount of training on the latest techniques will help if they believe their time isn’t valuable. Identifying and letting go of that belief will make all the difference.

The Value of Specialised Support

Just as you hire an accountant to keep HMRC happy and an architect to design your new extension, bringing in a specialist to develop your people is a wise investment. It not only boosts their contribution to your business but also reduces their stress and increases their long-term commitment to your organisation.

Remember, the number one reason employees leave an organisation is feeling they are not developing.

The Hidden Cost of Disengagement

As a business owner, you know that the biggest impact on profitability isn’t just losing a trusted employee (though that’s bad enough). Even more detrimental is an employee who stays but is no longer engaged or motivated. This affects their performance and the performance of everyone around them.

Investing in coaching can prevent this, ensuring your team remains engaged, motivated, and productive.

Ready to Make a Change?

If you recognise these challenges and see the potential benefits, consider bringing in an experienced coach. It’s a strategic move that can drive significant improvements in both individual and business performance.

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