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Time to Ditch the Golden Rule?

Think the golden rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is a management gem? Think again. Last week, I had the pleasure of coaching two new managers, each stepping into their roles with high hopes and even higher expectations. Their first concern? Keeping their team performing at top-notch levels, rain or shine.

Insight #1: The Golden Rule is Fool’s Gold

Both clients fell for the classic management trap: treating their team the way they wanted to be treated. One client proudly declared he’d set clear objectives and then leave his team to it. Sounds great, right? Well, not if your team prefers a bit more guidance and feedback.

Insight #2: Tailor Your Approach

A lightbulb moment came when I suggested tweaking the golden rule. Instead of “treat others as you want to be treated,” try “treat others as they want to be treated.” Revolutionary, right? This simple change set him on a path to a more effective management style.

Insight #3: Custom Solutions Over One-Size-Fits-All

Flashback to when I became a Group Manager: I had a team member who was underperforming. I asked him straight up what he needed to boost his performance. His answer? A daily 4 PM check-in call. At first, I was puzzled but decided to give it a shot. Each call, he’d recount his achievements and plans for the next day. The result? His performance skyrocketed almost overnight.

The Real Lesson Here

I could have delved into why he needed those calls, but that’s a lesson for another day. The takeaway is simple: keeping your team at their best is easier than you think. Ask them what they need, listen to their responses, and deliver accordingly. Ditch the assumptions.

Next Steps: Customising Your Management Style

My approach zeroes in on the root of performance issues. I won’t overwhelm your team with new techniques; instead, I’ll uncover what’s holding them back. Each person will then develop their own system to meet the business’s needs. When people create their own solutions, they take ownership and drive their performance.

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