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What’s it like to work with a coach?

Working with a coach is a unique and tailored experience. It often starts with an initial meeting that sets the stage for the entire coaching journey. This meeting typically involves the person to be coached and their direct supervisor, ideally in person. During this session, we define the issues to be resolved and the objectives to be achieved. The key question to answer is how specifically we will know when the coaching programme has been successful.

Defining Objectives and Measuring Success

In our initial meeting, we delve into what you want to achieve and how we will know when we’ve achieved it. This process is often more complex than it seems. For instance, with the rise of remote work, business owners often ask how they can ensure their employees are working a full day. We usually reframe this question to focus on how we can measure the value each person adds to the business. This shift in perspective helps us get clear on the necessary outputs and what needs to be measured. Then, we develop a simple system to track these key results.

I like to compare our approach to buying a bespoke suit—it takes longer to get measured, but the fit is incomparable. You could opt for an “off the peg” coaching solution, but I believe success is rooted in thorough preparation. That’s why I invest time in gathering information about your current situation, getting to know you, and understanding the challenges you want to address.

A Typical Initial Meeting

One example stands out. I met with the Director of a division in a large company who wanted to improve his senior team’s performance. After a 45-minute chat, he asked, “OK, so what is your programme to sort this?” My reaction was that we hadn’t even identified the fundamental issue affecting the business, let alone designed a solution. He then produced a large A4 folder from another supplier, given after a 30-minute conversation, and said, “That’s the programme they left me.” I suggested he go with that company since they seemed psychic, knowing the issue and solution before the first discovery meeting.

No One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

I don’t offer standard “off the shelf” programmes. There are no pre-determined questionnaires, no automatically generated analyses, and certainly no “one size fits all” solutions.

The Real Lesson Here

Working with a coach is a deeply personalised experience that starts with understanding your unique challenges and goals. It’s about creating a bespoke solution that fits your specific needs, rather than opting for a generic approach.

Next Steps: A Tailored Coaching Experience

At Your Business Mindset, we focus on uncovering performance barriers and helping individuals develop their own solutions. This ensures that people take ownership and drive their performance.

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