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Why Your Dream Office is Someone Else’s Nightmare

Ever wonder why your favorite office setup drives your colleague up the wall? I had an interesting conversation with a fellow coach this week about my go-to exercise for building high-performance teams. One I really like is introducing teams to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). It’s a fantastic tool for showing that different people have different strengths and needs.

Step #1: Working With Your Type

After explaining the basics of MBTI and sharing individual profiles, I break the team into groups based on their “core” type. This core focuses on whether people are big-picture thinkers or detail-oriented, and whether they make decisions based on logic or values. For those who are not familiar with MBTI, there’s a ton of information online.

Step #2: The Flipchart Revelation

In their groups, team members tackle two questions:
– What do you need to perform at your best?
– What would ensure you perform at your worst?

They jot down their thoughts on flipcharts, stick their charts on the wall, and take a tour of everyone else’s ideas.

Step #3: The Collective “Bugger Me” Moment

After a few minutes, the room usually fills with a collective “bugger me!” or something similar. Why? Because everyone suddenly realises that what one person needs to excel is exactly what another person finds intolerable. One person’s buzzing, invigorating office is another’s personal hell.

The Real Lesson Here

This exercise sparks a rich discussion about how easy it is to assume everyone thrives in the same environment. The truth is, we all need different things to perform at our best, and recognising this is key to building a high-performing team.

Next Steps: Understanding and Leveraging Differences

My approach helps teams uncover the root causes of performance issues and develop personalised solutions. By recognising and appreciating our differences, we can create environments where everyone thrives.

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